THE BBC is facing questions after saying the Isle of Man is in Scotland on its news channel.

During a morning report on eight towns across the UK being made cities for the Platinum Jubilee, the BBC said Douglas in the Isle of Man was one of two new cities in Scotland, along with Dunfermline. 

The Fife town is the only place north of the Border to be made a city alongside Douglas, Milton Keynes, Doncaster and Colchester in England, Wrexham in Wales, Bangor in Northern Ireland, and Stanley in the Falkland Islands.

The glaring error appeared on screen at around 9.15am while a reporter was sharing the news from Bangor.

The National has asked the BBC to explain why and how the blunder occurred and is waiting on a response.

The National: The BBC said Douglas on the Isle of Man was in ScoltandThe BBC said Douglas on the Isle of Man was in Scoltand

Dunfermline will become Scotland's eighth city alongside Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth, Stirling, and Inverness.

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Once Scotland's capital, it was the birthplace of Charles I and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, while Robert the Bruce is buried in Dunfermline Abbey.

About 40 locations applied for city status and were evaluated by a panel of experts and Cabinet Office ministers before a recommendation was put to the Queen.

The town's MP and MSP welcomed the news saying it would be a boost to the community.