THE UK is “sleepwalking” towards fascism, Mhairi Black has told the House of Commons.

In a wide-ranging speech, a clip of which has gone viral on social media, the SNP MP takes aim at the UK Government over its immigration policy, plans to privatise Channel 4 and failure to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

The comments came during a Queen’s Speech debate on achieving economic growth. Black shared a video of the impassioned statement on Wednesday evening. By Thursday afternoon it had been viewed almost 700,000 times, with positive comments pouring in

Citing Downing Street’s plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda and proposals to privatise Channel 4, the Paisley and Renfrewshire South representative argued: “This is just little England elites drunk on the memory of a British Empire that no longer exists.”

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She continued: “We have the lowest pensions in Europe, the lowest sick pay, we pretend the minimum wage is a living wage when it’s not. We miss our own economic targets time and time again. We’re happy to break international law.

“We are turning into a country where words hold no value and over the last 12 years I fear we are sleepwalking closer and closer to the f-word and I know everyone is scared to say it for fear of sounding over the top or being accused of going too far.

“But I say this with all sincerity, when I say the f-word, I’m talking about fascism. Fascism wrapped in red, white and blue.”

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The SNP MP added: “It happens when we see Governments making decisions based on self-preservation, based on cronyism, based on anything that will keep them in power.”

She went on: “But the things we do in the name of economic growth, the warning signs are there for everyone else to see whether they admit it or not.”

Responding to her claims, Conservative Mark Fletcher said: “You would think in the current circumstances we would be incredibly careful. We cherish our democracy in this country, our institutions are strong.

“Democracy, freedom and the rule of law runs through the core of this country and to so flippantly say that democracy is under attack or that we, as another member said earlier, that we are descending close to fascism, only seconds after saying that words matter, is incredibly frustrating.”