NICOLA Sturgeon is making a keynote speech on Scotland’s role in securing European energy security in Washington on Monday.

During her visit to the US the First Minister will be hosted by the Brookings Initiative on Climate Research and Action and have a conversation with Samantha Gross, director of the Energy Security and Climate Initiative.

As part of the talks, Sturgeon will look to offer insight into Scotland’s role in tackling the global climate crisis, the benefits of transitioning to a greener economy, and what can be done to strengthen Scotland and Europe’s energy security and self-reliance- particularly in relation to Russia’s effect on the oil and gas industries.

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Other areas of discussion for the First Minister will include the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the challenges that are arising from Scotland’s attempts to find alternatives to Russian sources of gas and oil.

The speech will also address concerns surrounding the issues Scotland has faced while trying to shift to carbon-free sources for transport and heating.

Brookings will also look to acknowledge Scotland’s environmental successes as they note that the country has met most of its current electricity demands from renewable energy sources.

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In 2021, Glasgow hosted COP26 which saw over 20,000 delegates from all over the world flock to the city, with figures such as Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio in attendance.

During the event Sturgeon announced that Scotland would aim to reach zero emissions by 2045.

While measures such as free bus passes for under 22s and the Social Housing Net Zero Heat Fund have been available since earlier this year and have helped Scotland move towards its goal, the talk will look at what more can be done to unsure the country fulfils its pledge.

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Sturgeon’s speech will be held at 6pm on Monday and will be preceded by opening remarks from President of the Brookings Institution, John R Allen.

Following her talk, Sturgeon will participate in a discussion with Director of the Energy Security and Climate Initiative at Brookings, Samantha Gross.

People from all over the world can submit questions for Sturgeon by emailing or by using #EnergySecurity on Twitter.

You can register to watch the webcast here.