THERE has been plenty of reaction from the political world since the announcement of 50 more fines issued by the Metropolitan Police as part of its investigation into potential Downing Street lockdown breaches.

It was announced on Thursday that the force had made around a further 50 fixed penalty notice referrals, bringing the number of fines to more than 100.

Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie have emerged unscathed from the latest tranche, but there are still fears the Prime Minister could still receive further punishments following his fine for attending his own birthday party in the Cabinet room.

Here's round-up of what key figures have had to say since the latest Met Police announcement...

Dominic Raab 

The Justice Secretary has sidestepped questions on whether Johnson should resign if he receives another fixed penalty notice.

Speaking to the PA news agency Raab, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, waved off questions about the fines and declined to comment on Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s pledge to resign if he is fined over an incident in Durham, adding it “was not a wise thing for a justice secretary to do”.

Raab said: “I don’t have anything more to say than what’s already been said about that (fines).

“The Prime Minister has paid a fine, he’s overhauled Number 10 Downing Street, he’s given the apology and we have the Sue Gray report, so there’s nothing further I can add to that.”

Nadine Dorries

When the Culture Secretary was asked what she thought of more fines being dished out ahead of a meeting in Stoke-on-Trent, she said she was "too busy trying to make sure my heels don't fall through the cracks" of cobbles.

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Ed Davey 

The Liberal Democrat leader said the latest announcement shows "the scale of the law-breaking in Johnson's Downing Street and the extent of the lies."

Angela Rayner

The deputy Labour leader said: “Johnson’s Downing Street has now reached a century of fixed penalty notices for their partying.

"They have racked up the dubious distinction of receiving more fines on the Prime Minister’s watch than any other location...Britain deserves better."

Dominic Cummings

The Prime Minister's former aide has said junior Downing Street staff being made to carry the can for partygate are preparing to wreak "nightmarish" revenge on Johnson. 

He said staff who were "thrown under the bus" after being told parties were legal were threatening to reveal all to the Covid inquiry next year. 

Writing on Twitter, Cummings said that junior staff had been told Johnson's team was working to "ensure all No10 events are lawful" before they were fined.

"Also Tory MPs haven't twigged: PM throwing all these junior staff under bus to cops makes his life nightmarish in Covid inquiry," he added.

Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister said he was “sure we’ll have plenty to say about that when the thing’s finished” when asked about the extent of law-breaking in Downing Street as he arrived for a Cabinet meeting in Staffordshire on Thursday.