BBC presenter has expressed concerns about Michael Gove’s wellbeing after a bizarre interview with the Tory minister.

The Levelling-Up Secretary stunned BBC Breakfast viewers after using a variety of sarcastic voices to mock those who he accused of “overinflating” reports that the Government will introduce an emergency budget to tackle the cost of living crisis.

As he was questioned by host Dan Walker, Gove said the words “an emergency budget” and “a major, capital letters, big news story” in what sounded like a North American accent.

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He also said “calm down” in a Scouse accent, which reminded viewers of comedian Harry Enfield’s sketch.

The Tory minister also told Good Morning Britain it is “bonkeroony” to suggest Boris Johnson should have to resign over lockdown parties in Downing Street.

Commenting on a video of the widely shared BBC Breakfast clip, Walker posted: “I’ve watched our interview back a few times now. Still trying to work out what happened.

“I hope Mr Gove is ok.”

The BBC clip was widely criticised online, with opposition politicians accusing Gove of being flippant about the cost of living crisis.

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Labour’s Lisa Nandy tweeted: “What is he doing!?

“Making jokes and using silly voices while families across the country are struggling to survive.

“This isn’t a game (or an Oxford Union debate!). People are having to choose between heating and eating.

“Take it seriously. Do your job.”

SNP MP Stephen Flynn added: "Michael Gove doing his absolute best to confirm that he could not care less about the cost of living crisis."

The Tory minister also made eyebrow-raising comments to LBC.

He was asked by Nick Ferrari how angry he is on a scale of one to 10 about the suggestion that Liz Truss “wants to tear up” the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Gove replied: “Minus five. I’m super cool with it and I’m a big, big Liz Truss fan.”