AN SNP MP was silenced by the Speaker after calling Boris Johnson’s government “a shower of corrupt criminals” during a debate on the Queen’s Speech.

Hannah Bardell, the MP for Livingston, intervened during Ian Blackford’s response to the legislative agenda, expressing anger over the Tory government’s opposition to Scotland holding another independence referendum.

“Does he agree with me that the reason that this shower of corrupt criminal Conservatives are blocking Scotland’s right, Scotland’s democratic and legal right, to have a democratic mandate over their own future …”

David Davis was then given an opportunity to speak, pointing out that it is in breach of the rules to call another member a criminal – just as it is against the rules to call MPs liars in the Chamber.

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle accepted that no individual MP was called a criminal, but stressed the need for “moderate” language.

It comes after both the Prime Minister and Chancellor were fined for breaking Covid laws.

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“We want moderate and tolerant language that doesn’t bring this House, or expect members outside to copy the behaviour … I want good behaviour, I want tolerant language, I want people to think before they speak.”

While Bardell rose to her feet again to continue speaking, she was told a firm “no” by Hoyle. Blackford was able to continue.