TORIES have attacked a Labour MSP after she suggested outlawing private profits could be a solution to the current inflation crisis.

Mercedes Villalba, a Labour representative for the North East region who was elected at last year’s Holyrood vote, said on Twitter that banning gains for businesses could solve the spiralling problem.

The Bank of England expects inflation to rise from 7% to more than 10% in October – which would be the highest level for 40 years – further hitting the public’s bank balances.

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The inflation situation will see household disposable income plunge by 1.75% this year – the second highest on record, the Bank also warned.

In the wake of the news Villalba, who is on the left of the party and has called for Jeremy Corbyn to be readmitted as a parliamentary member, took to social media to say: “In a period of record inflation, private profit should be outlawed. Or aren’t we all in this together?

“It's not a 'global inflationary phenomenon' it's decades of neoliberalism in the making.”

As opposition politicians jumped on the comments, Scottish Labour insisted that Villalba’s comments were not policy.

Maurice Golden (below), a Conservative MSP also representing the North East region, accused the politician of promoting communism.

The National:

“The idea that we should outlaw all private profit goes way beyond left-wing economics and into the realm of all-out communism,” he told The Courier.

“This ludicrous position would be laughed out of the room in a student union debate – to hear it from an elected politician is completely absurd.”

Last year Villalba also upset Tories in Scotland by calling for the monarchy to be abolished. She has indicated support for holding a second independence referendum in contrast with her party’s official policy.