PRO-choice campaigners have further criticised an SNP MSP after he claimed abortion was “not difficult”.

John Mason has sparked outrage in recent days after making a string of controversial claims about abortion clinics on social media and defending anti-abortion “vigils” that have sprung up outside Glasgow hospitals.

He claimed clinics "push abortion without laying out the pros and cons" and went on to say he believed termination was “seldom essential or vital”.

The Glasgow Shettleston MSP also said he “did not see anything hateful or harassing” about signs people held at pro-life protests.

But despite a fierce backlash, he has continued to get into debates with women online on the issue and has come in for further condemnation after saying abortion “does not appear to be difficult”.

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In response to a Lauren Kelly on Twitter, who said the process of getting an abortion was not easy, Mason hit back saying: “You say getting an abortion is not easy. But there have been 9.4 million abortions in UK since 1967. That is one for every 8 people. It does not appear to be difficult.”

Kelly had said: “Do you know how difficult it is to go through an abortion. The process to get one is not exactly easy and you can’t just turn up to a clinic on the day and request one. These places don’t force abortions, rather they don't try to sway the mind of someone at a time they are vulnerable.”

Mason has also confessed to attending one of the “vigils” to speak to people there.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called out her party colleague and said his comments were “wrong” and she does not agree with his views on abortion.

Lucy Grieve, co-founder of Back Off Scotland, which is campaigning for buffer zones to be implemented around clinics, said Mason’s comments “didn’t make sense” and were an “insult” to patients and staff.

She told The National: “He’s being very ignorant.

“It’s an insult to everyone who has to make that decision as well as to all the staff.

“His comments just don’t make sense. One in three women will have an abortion during their lives and having easily accessible, legal and safe abortion care is a cornerstone of any good healthcare system.

“He’s obviously also admitted in the past attending one of these vigils.

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“It’s clear he has absolutely no idea what happens between an abortion provider and the patient so for him to be making comments about this when he’s an elected official is dangerous and it’s not a good look for the SNP.”

Mason told the Scotsman on Monday there is “considerable scepticism” around the requirement for informed consent during medically approved abortions in Scotland despite assurances from medical experts all patients must provide informed consent before going through any medical procedure.

The National has approached Mason directly for comment.

The conversation around abortion rights has intensified over the last week after a leaked document claimed the US Supreme Court is poised to overturn a 1973 decision that legalised abortion across the country.

If the court strikes down the Roe v Wade ruling, individual states would be allowed to ban abortion if they wish.

A demonstration against overturning the ruling is set to be held in Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon outside the US Consulate.