PROTESTERS will rally in Glasgow this weekend as part of a global day of action opposing the war in Ukraine.

Organisations including the Stop the War Coalition Scotland, Scottish CND and the Afghan Human Rights Foundation will march through Glasgow on May 7 in solidarity with similar demonstrations taking place across the world, calling on the Russian military to leave Ukraine.

Assembling at noon at Glasgow’s Blythswood Square, the protest will also highlight the dangers of nuclear war, voice their opposition to the escalation of a proxy war between Russia and NATO, and call for Trident to be scrapped.

In addition to statements from peace activists from Ukraine, speakers will include representatives from trade unions, refugee rights groups and the Scottish anti-war movement.

A spokesperson from the Stop the War Coalition commented: "It is vital that we build a coordinated international movement against war. We are calling for Russian troops out of Ukraine, and stand in solidarity with the Russian anti-war movement. 

"Recent days and weeks have also seen a ratcheting up of the conflict between NATO and Russia, with fears of a long proxy war now running high. That will only bring yet more suffering to the people of Ukraine, so we oppose such escalations.

"At the same time there is the global threat of the use of nuclear weapons too. That is why we want to make a stand in the best traditions of the Scottish anti-war and peace movement to say: no to Trident. 

"We encourage all who support these aims to attend. This is just the start of building a strong anti-war movement across the country. In short: stop the war, start the peace."

Scottish CND’s Isobel Lindsay added: "We have had thirty years of failure to develop a new Europe-wide cooperative security structure. Both US-led NATO and Russia prioritised pushing ahead with new-generation nuclear systems.  

"The immediate priority is to end this war for the sake of the ordinary people of Ukraine. But it has shown how we could drift into a terrifying nuclear stand-off and Scotland would be a top target. We have to look ahead to reverse the insane nuclear arms race. 

"A Scottish state could make a truly significant international contribution to this by ratifying the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and starting that reversal."