The National:

BORIS Johnson has been frequently admonished by the Speaker for mislabelling the SNP.

The law-breaking Prime Minister likes to say those opposition MPs from north of the Border are from the “Scottish Nationalist Party”.

More than once he was told off for the deliberate error, only to finally claim that he wasn’t using the party’s name, but was describing it with a small N.

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So, that’s the Prime Minister’s excuse. What’s the BBC’s?

During a broadcast on Thursday the corporation was live from Glasgow, speaking to that city council’s treasurer Ricky Bell.

Bell, an SNP councillor who is running for reelection in the Govan ward, was labelled as being from the “Scottish Nationalist Party”.

An odd mistake from the broadcaster, and not one that went unnoticed.

An SNP source told the Jouker that the BBC needed to “sort itself out”.

“It's completely unacceptable that the BBC can't even get our name correct,” they said.

Responding to the mistake on Twitter, SNP MSP Stuart McMillan added: “It's only been 80+ years. Give them time.”

With the English Nationalist Party, sorry, Conservatives in power down in London, time is something the BBC might not have too much of.

A spokesperson for the corporation said it had been a "mistake and we have spoken to the relevant teams".