ONE of the Conservative Party's biggest donors was listed as a director of a firm secretly owned by a sanctioned Russian oligarch with close ties to Vladimir Putin, documents suggest.

The BBC said it has seen records signed "Lubov Golubeva", which was the maiden name of Lubov Chernukhin, the largest female donor in British political history.

The documents, dated from 2006, put Lubov as being a director in Suleiman Kerimov's company.

Kerimov previously denied having any connection with Lubov.

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Lubov married Russian businessman Vladimir Chernukhin in 2007 who served as a junior minister in President Putin's government before fleeing Russia.

2007 was also the year Lubov began donating to the Conservative Party, eventually giving away a total of more than 2.1 million.

Lubov is reported to be part of a small "advisory board" of major donors with access to senior figures in the Tory party all the way up to the Prime Minister.

Lubov said she "does not recall consenting in writing" to be a director of the firm.

According to the BBC, the documents appear to show the former investment banker as being appointed a director of the offshore firm Radlett Estates Limited in 2005.

This followed an acquisition of a major property, 1 Radlett Place, in north London.

A separate firm, Swiru Holding AG, was reported as the only shareholder of Radlett Estates.

Radlett Estates listed its directors as Swiss businessman Alexander Studhalter and Kerimov's nephew, Nariman Gadzhiev.

Studhalter has been accused in a French court of being a proxy for Kerimov, allegedly involved in a scheme to hide the wealth of the Russian businessman.

The National: The Russian flag outside the Russian Embassy in London yesterday.Picture: Kirsty O'Connor/PA Wire

The plan for the Radlett Estates was for it to be demolished and replaced with a 3500 sqft home, and according to the architect's plan, would include a cinema, health spar and gym as well as an indoor pool along with a 6-car motorised garage.

Despite this, Kerimov and his wife weren't listed as directors in the company and their names were not recorded on any planning documents seen by the BBC.

However, one designer's website identified their clients as "Mr and Mrs K".

The signature from "Lubov Golubeva" appears on the Radlett Estates board meeting document obtained by the BBC and records her resignation from the firm.

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It comes after Boris Johnson was accused of being a “threat to national security” following reports he was at a Tory party fundraising event on the night Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine.

The Prime Minister gave a short speech at the event as Russian forces prepared to launch their assault.

The Sunday Times reported that donors at the event included Lubov.

Johnson reportedly gave an introductory speech at the event, which began at around 8pm on February 23 at Spencer House, around a mile from Downing Street.