LEN McCluskey says Scottish Labour are in danger of "withering on the vine" if they don't support a second Scottish independence referendum.

The former general secretary of Unite the Union made the comments on the Novara Media podcast and spoke on a range of topics, including his relationship with Labour Leader Keir Starmer, devolution and the changing face of the Labour Party.

As the podcast neared its end, the fierce corbynista spoke about the danger of "anti-democratic behaviour" and said Scottish Labour was in danger of “withering on the vine” if they continue to reject calls for a second indyref.

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He said: “There’s going to be issues in relation to challenging democracy or anti-democratic behaviour by the Labour party and also the whole issue of federalism may emerge again …

"I think Scottish Labour are in danger of withering on the vine unless they’re more imaginative [and] embrace a second independence but at the same time channel energy into the whole concept of a federal UK.”

However, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has previously said that his party cannot “pretend we believe in something we don’t” and that candidates in the upcoming council elections must support the union.

The National: National Extra Scottish politics newsletter bannerMcCluskey also said that since the breakdown in his relationship with Starmer, the party was “in the worst position I’ve ever known the Labour Party to be in” and that there was “something sinister happening" with Starmer falling prey to establishment influence.

McCluskey was a fervent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn during his time as Labour leader and has been highly critical of Starmer's leadership of the party.