AN SNP MP was forced to withdraw his comment in the House of Commons after he branded Boris Johnson the “Pinocchio Prime Minister”.

Richard Thomson, MP for Gordon, was told the language was “unacceptable” during PMQs, and told he must take it back.

The character of Pinocchio had his nose grow every time he told a lie. It is against parliamentary rules to call another member a liar in the Commons, and MPs including Ian Blackford and Dawn Butler have previously been kicked out of the Chamber for doing so.

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In his submission to PMQs, Thomson told the Prime Minister that his fundamental political problem is not about parties or fines – rather the “lack of trust, integrity and credibility at the heart of government”. He said these flaws are now “personified” by the Conservative leader.

“People don’t want to hear any more glib half-hearted non-apologies, or hear him witter on about getting on with the job,” Thomson told MPs. “They just want this Pinocchio Prime Minister to pack his bags and go.”

While Johnson attempted to give a response, Hoyle also tried to address the Chamber.

“Prime Minister, we both can’t stand up at the same time,” the Speaker said while waving him down.

“We’ve got to be more moderate in terms of the language used, Pinocchio is not acceptable. I’m sure the member wishes to withdraw it quickly,” he told Thomson.

But the SNP MP said he would only withdraw it when Johnson packs his bags and goes.

This wasn’t good enough for Hoyle, who told him to again withdraw the comment so they could get on with the session.

Afterwards, Johnson said he couldn’t reply to the question since it had been withdrawn, and said it would be “nice to hear an ounce of sense from the Scottish National Party”.