POLICE have said there is “no further action” to be taken after speaking with the First Minister about her breaking face mask rules over the weekend.

Nicola Sturgeon was filmed at a barber's without a face mask during a campaign stop.

Police Scotland has said that “given the circumstances” of the incident, no further action was necessary.

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Officers spoke with the First Minister after the breach at Iconic Gents Hair in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire on Saturday.

She met with customers and workers at the barbershop and was pictured speaking with staff wearing a mask. 

But a video surfaced in which the First Minister had removed her mask while still in the shop. 

The legal obligation to wear a face-covering in indoor areas - including hairdressers, public transport and shops - was lifted on Monday.  

A spokesperson for the force said: "Local officers have spoken to the First Minister to remind her of the importance of wearing a face covering when there is a legal requirement to do so.

“Given the circumstances of this incident, Police Scotland is satisfied that no further action is necessary.

“This is in line with our proportionate approach throughout the pandemic.”

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Her conduct was defended by Professor Jason Leitch in an interview on BBC Good Morning Scotland. 

He said: "My understanding is it was a matter of seconds, she realises the place is crowded, puts her face covering on, which is actually what we're asking people to do."