A HOME Office minister squirmed through an interview on Good Morning Britain on Friday as he was questioned on Government plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing.

Tom Pursglove was grilled by GMB presenter Adil Ray on the Government’s scheme to send asylum seekers to Rwanda as he was asked whether he would be happy to go to live there himself.

Ray asked: “If you had to, would you move your family to Rwanda?”

Pursglove initially refused to answer the question, citing that the question was “not relevant to this issue”.

Ray continued to press the minister, saying “of course it’s relevant”.

He added: “If it’s not good enough for you, then why is it good enough for a Syrian or Afghan refugee? It’s got to be somewhere we think is safe. These are human beings. These are people who come to us for help.

“You’re saying you wouldn’t go to Rwanda, would you?”

Pursglove continued to evade the question saying that he was “a British citizen who lives in the United Kingdom legally” and that Ray’s question was not a “direct comparison”.

As the interview progressed and Pursglove came under increasing pressure from Ray’s scrutiny of the project, the minister's wifi connection suddenly began to falter, saving him from the presenter's firm line of questioning.

However, it was clear that Pursglove was happy to “visit Rwanda” but his answer to whether he would live there remained unclear.