BORIS Johnson is facing a second fine from the Metropolitan Police over the partygate scandal.

According to The Telegraph, the Prime Minister will receive his second Fixed Penalty Notice for attending a leaving party in Downing Street for former director of communications, Lee Cain.

The Telegraph reports that alcohol was consumed at the event, at which Johnson gave a speech.

It was held on November 13, 2020, but it is not certain whether the Prime Minister had a drink himself.

It is understood that Johnson stayed at the event for a prolonged period of time which makes it harder for him to claim he had a “reasonable excuse” for attending the bash.

Johnson was previously fined £50 for attending a party in June 2020 for his birthday but it is claimed by a source for The Telegraph that the rule breach in attending the party for Cain is far more serious.

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The source said: "The event that took place on Nov 13, 2020, to mark the departure of Lee Cain is considered to be the most serious breach of the coronavirus regulations among the events that the Prime Minister attended.

"Given that he has already received a fine for what was a relatively minor breach, it seems inevitable he will receive more fines as the police complete their investigation."

The Metropolitan Police is investigating a total of 12 events held over the course of lockdown with Boris Johnson accused of attending half of them.

Johnson is now also facing a parliamentary investigation into whether he misled Parliament, a move which is supported by Speaker of the House, Lindsay Hoyle.

The Telegraph reports that Hoyle is likely to grant a debate on the matter as soon as Wednesday next week where the Prime Minister’s conduct could be referred to the privileges committee for investigation.