DOUGLAS Ross was met with a furious reception while leafleting for the Tories

The party’s leader in Scotland had a leaflet thrown back at him after posting it through a voter’s door in Edinburgh. 

After tossing the sheet of paper from his front door, Alan Webster (below) shouted in Ross’ direction: “Take this crap away with you. I certainly don’t want it.

The National:

The SNP voter told The National he was furious the Prime Minister was clinging on to power despite being slapped with a £50 fine for breaking lockdown rules in 2020. 

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The 61-year-old said Boris Johnson should resign “because he is a liar”.

“He always has been a liar.

“This is no surprise to anybody.

“He left his wife who is suffering from cancer – that’s the kind of person he is and he’s not fit to be Prime Minister.”

He said “of course” Ross should call on the Prime Minister to resign.

“But Ross will do what he’s told,” Webster added.

And Johnson’s vist to Ukraine last weekend was “just an excuse to get the bad stuff off the front pages”, said the Davidson’s Mains resident.  

“He’s probably been told to do it because he’s not got the common sense to do it off his own bat,” he added.

Webster – who receives disability benefits – said he had his social security payments taken away from him after an assessment by the Department for Work and Pensions.

“I didn’t [get paid] for years,” he said.

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“The surgeon said there was no chance of me getting any better but a physiotherapist that I saw for 20 minutes said there was nothing wrong with me.”

Carolyn Williams (below), 78, took a similarly dim view of the Tory campaign effort in the west Edinburgh neighbourhood.

The National:

She told The National: “I have seen many Prime Ministers come and go and I have never in all my life known a bunch in Westminster like this lot.

"I think they’re an absolute disgrace.”

She said Johnson’s lying and lawbreaking risked putting the UK on the course of despot-ruled states such as Turkey under Recep Erdogan. 

She said it was “appalling and disgusting” the Prime Minister was using Ukraine as an excuse to hold onto power. 

"But if it wasn’t Ukraine, he’d find something else.”

Ross was joined by Baroness Ruth Davidson on the campaign trail on Wednesday – despite the two differing in response to Johnson’s Covid rule-breaking.

Ross said: “People are angry, they are furious, they are livid with what has happened.

“I’ve listened to that and I share a lot of that anger and fury but you have to look at the situation in Ukraine.”

The Moray MP said on Tuesday it “wouldn't be right to remove the Prime Minister at this time” given the war in Eastern Europe.