BBC News was broadcast with the song “fight for your right to party” blaring in the background on Tuesday night as protesters outside No 10 made their position on the law-breaking Prime Minister known.

Host Reeta Chakrabarti was presenting the News at 10 live from Downing Street, where the news of Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak having been issued fines for breaking the law dominated.

The two have resisted calls to resign from across the political spectrum, instead only issuing apologies for having flouted the laws they put in place.

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Discussing the fallout with the BBC’s deputy political editor Vicki Young, Chakrabarti asked how secure Johnson was.

Young said that the public would view the fines issued to the top Tories as hypocrisy of the worst kind, but said that Tory MPs seemed unwilling to remove their leader without a credible alternative in place.

She said there could still be danger for Johnson given the upcoming local elections and the need to canvass for votes.

During the exchange, the Beastie Boys hit “Fight for Your Right” could be heard blaring in the background as protesters set up outside Downing Street.