CONCERNS have been raised after an SNP policy adviser who was suspended for posting a “racist” tweet about the Home Secretary was able to host a currency event for MPs and MSPs.

Dr Tim Rideout, formerly a member of the party’s policy development committee for the Lothians, was suspended from the party after asking how Priti Patel could be “sent back to Uganda”.

He later apologised, but said he was not sorry for being angry about the “inhumanity” of the Home Office, UK Government and the Nationality and Borders Bill.

Rideout is also the convener of the Scottish Currency Group, which was set up to work towards introducing a new Scottish currency as “soon as practicable” after independence. It is a separate organisation from the SNP.

In this capacity, Rideout last week hosted a currency meeting for MPs and MSPs. He noted that there had been “very positive exchanges” during the event.

Angus MacNeil, SNP MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, was one of those in attendance. He hailed the “good meeting”, and argued that the session showed why a new currency should be set up following independence.

Conservative MSP Pam Gosal had raised the issue of Rideout’s tweet during First Minister’s Questions, describing his post as an “appalling racist comment”.

She welcomed Rideout’s suspension from the party, and asked Nicola Sturgeon to assure her that the SNP would “root out and condemn toxic racist political discourse”.

Sturgeon said that she would, but pointed out that racism is an issue in all parties. “We all have to be prepared to act when necessary in a way that aligns with what we say around these things,” she told Gosal.

“And I for my part … I am determined that my party does and I would call on other parties to make sure that they follow suit as well.”

Upon hearing that while suspended Rideout had been able to host the event for SNP MPs and MSPs, Gosal (below) expressed her anger.

The National:

"This is appalling,” she said. “Less than a month after supposedly being suspended by the party for his disgusting racist comments about the Home Secretary, the SNP’s currency advisor is brazenly tweeting about hosting a meeting for their MPs and MSPs.

“When I questioned Nicola Sturgeon about Tim Rideout’s dreadful comments at FMQs she assured me there would be zero tolerance of racism within the SNP."

“Yet from this tweet it would appear that his ‘suspension’ was nothing more than a cynical pretence enabling him to retain a key role in the SNP.

“Nicola Sturgeon must urgently come clean on what on earth is going on with Tim Rideout or we can only assume that she has lied.

“It is unforgivable if he has quietly been allowed to continue after his original comments.”

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In the original exchange, Rideout tweeted in response to another Twitter user writing about Patel.

“So how do we send this person back to Uganda?” he asked. “Clearly hasn't a shred of humanity. Mind you, maybe the new proposed refugee centre on St Helena might avoid inflicting her on anyone. Can compare notes with Napoleon's ghost.”

The Home Secretary was born in the UK, but has Ugandan and Indian heritage.

In March, Police Scotland said they were “assessing” Rideout’s comment.

An SNP spokesperson said: "Mr Rideout's group has no association with the SNP."