RISHI Sunak must publish his tax returns for the time he held a US green card while an MP for “transparency and trust”, the SNP have said.

The Tory MP has admitted continuing to hold a US green card – permitting him residency in the United States – for a period while he was Chancellor.

It follows a row over the non-domicile status of his wife Akshata Murty, which has allowed her to avoid paying millions of pounds of UK tax every year.

She has now committed to paying tax in the UK on her international income, after Sunak was accused of hypocrisy with his family benefiting from the arrangement while households across the country struggle with soaring living costs.

SNP Westminster deputy leader Kirsten Oswald said: “Rishi Sunak’s response to revelations that he held a US green card for a significant period of time when he was an MP and Chancellor raises more questions than answers.

“It is now vital for transparency and trust that the Chancellor publishes his tax returns over the period he held a US Green Card since he has been an MP to set out whether or not he avoided paying more tax in the UK.

“It is staggering that Mr Sunak is hammering ordinary families across the UK with tax hikes, refusing to tackle the Tory cost-of-living crisis, and gifting bankers with a £4 billion tax cut, all the while his billionaire family are saving millions through a tax loophole and he has been found to have held a US green card – with all the tax implications that come with that.”

She added: “Crucially, we need to know whether Mr Sunak failed to pay UK tax while serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

“His spokesperson has said tax was paid ‘where required’ for the duration he held his Green Card. Does that mean he paid US but no UK tax for a period while living in Downing Street and setting tax for all other UK citizens? 

“If so, it is an astonishing admission and makes his position as Chancellor increasingly untenable.”

Yesterday, speaking at her party’s manifesto launch, the First Minister also said the Chancellor’s position is “appearing very difficult”.

Sturgeon said: “I would have said most people across the country right now would see Rishi Sunak as being out of touch before the revelations of the last few days.

“He has completely failed to step up and provide the kind of help, with the worst possible cost-of-living crisis any of us can remember, we would have expected the Chancellor to do.

“But what we’ve heard in the last few days, I think would leave people angry and perplexed.

“He’s trying to suggest that the non-domicile status of his wife is an automatic consequence of the fact she is an Indian national. In actual fact, it is something she has chosen, applied for, paid tens of thousands of pounds in order to secure.

“[It] results in a situation where, as he puts taxes up on millions of people who are already struggling, his own family is not paying tax on millions of pounds on earnings.”

A spokeswoman for Sunak previously said he initially obtained the permit while working in the US, and he’d continued to use it for travel purposes until he was advised to give it up when he made his first official visit to the US as Chancellor.

She said “all laws and rules” had been followed and “full taxes have been paid where required in the duration he held his green card”.

Sunak has also accused political opponents of “smearing” his wife to get at him, saying she is entitled to use the non-dom arrangement as she is an Indian citizen and plans to move back there in the future.