ALEX Salmond’s Alba Party will today launch their local government campaign in the North East of Scotland.

Alba will highlight the North East as the all-energy capital of Europe as they put Scottish independence and solutions to protect household budgets from the cost of living crisis front and centre of their National Campaign.

Party leader Alex Salmond will be at at St Fergus Gas Terminal today to launch the Alba Party’s campaign and demand energy justice for Scotland.

Salmond will say: “One third of households are right now being plunged into fuel poverty in the all-energy capital of Europe.

“This is a national scandal which cannot be allowed to stand.

“Scotland is five times self-sufficient in oil and gas and can already power every home in the country from renewable electricity.

“In what universe, therefore, does rising hydrocarbon prices make Scots poorer?

“Why has this week’s 54% hike in Scottish electricity bills been dictated by the world price of gas?

“The reality is that our resources are controlled by international capital, the revenues are appropriated by Westminster and Scots are left to pick up the tab.

“As Scottish families shiver this April, Alba’s council candidates vow to campaign for change.”

Salmond is expected to set out plans to make St Fergus the centre of carbon capture technology and participation will be a license condition of all new oil and gas fields.

The former First Minister will also demand a public share in every offshore wind development, a windfall tax on energy companies to slash current fuel bills.

He will also call for a public Scottish energy company to ensure that all Scots secure access to clean, green energy at affordable prices.

Salmond will be joined by Alba candidates for a photocall and to take questions from the press as he launches the party’s campaign.