ALL Under One Banner will march through Scotland’s biggest city to declare independence a “national health emergency”, it has been announced.

The campaign organisation has called for people to gather in Glasgow on May 14 to march for independence and to show support for the NHS.

AUOB said in a statement: “One of the main successes of the post second world war period was the creation of the NHS, yet almost since its inception successive Westminster Governments have set about undermining it.

“This has been done through chronic underfunding, privatisation, and very low wages for the majority of workers.

The National:

“Independence opens up the potential to develop a world class health and social care service that meets the needs of everyone regardless of their wealth and ability to pay.

“As such, a properly and publicly funded NHS is a vital element of any vision of an independent Scotland.

“Defending our NHS is a clear and present reason to take to the streets of Glasgow on May 14.

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“Defending our NHS is a call for boots on the ground to declare our opposition to the rotten, unequal Union, and express our powerful demand for independence now.

“Independence is a national health emergency.”

The group has called for marchers to meet in Kelvingrove Park in the city’s west end before midday.

The procession will then head to George Square in the centre of Glasgow.

A Facebook event with more details can be found here.