EDINBURGH and Glasgow have ranked in the top 10 most LGBTQ+ accepting cities in the world, according to new analysis.

The analysis from money.co.uk evaluated the level of overall acceptance of the community, the number of gay bars and clubs in the area, and the average rating of these bars and clubs. 

Edinburgh came in 7th place, while Glasgow ranked in 9th place. Both ranked higher than London, which came in at 18.

The top spot was taken by Reykjavik in Iceland.

In 2015 and 2016, Scotland was recognised as the best country in Europe for “LGBT legal equality”. 


1. Reykjavik, Iceland

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Rotterdam, Netherlands

4. San Francisco, USA

5. Dublin, Ireland

6. Brussels, Belgium

7. Edinburgh, UK

8. Cardiff, UK

9. Glasgow, UK

10. Madrid, Spain

11. Boston, USA

12. Seattle, USA

13. Lisbon, Portugal

14. Helsinki, Finland

15. Frankfurt, Germany

16. Los Angeles, USA

17. Chicago, USA

18. London, UK

19. Munich, Germany

20. Copenhagen, Denmark