THE Scottish LibDems have launched an attack on Nicola Sturgeon, comparing her to Donald Trump after newspaper journalists were not invited to a photo opportunity with the First Minister on Friday morning.

Sturgeon was launching the SNP’s council elections manifesto in Glasgow – but the party said the event was not a standard campaign launch.

For that reason, the SNP explained, there were a limited number of journalists invited with only broadcasters like STV and BBC asked to come along.

At the appearance, the SNP leader pledged that her party’s councillors will “prioritise the cost-of-living crisis” with action at a local level.

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She said the May 5 ballot was a chance for people to make their voice heard on the issue – as well as “send a message to Boris Johnson that Scotland has had enough of his incompetent, sleaze-ridden government”.

The First Minister urged people to “vote for SNP councillors who’ll work tirelessly for local communities and local services”.

Sturgeon told Scots: “Cast a verdict on Tory policies that leave hundreds of thousands of Scots struggling with their daily lives.”

However, with print journalists not invited to the photo opportunity, opposition parties launched furious attacks on the SNP chief.

Alex Cole-Hamilton compares Nicola Sturgeon to Donald Trump

The National:

Scottish LibDem chief Alex Cole-Hamilton commented: "This is a remarkable display of both arrogance and cowardice from the First Minister. It feels more like the scrutiny dodging antics of Donald Trump than the actions of a leader at ease with her government’s record.

"Then again if I had spent five years cutting local authority budgets then perhaps I wouldn't want to face media scrutiny either.”

Meanwhile, Scottish Labour accused Sturgeon of “trying to dodge scrutiny” and “bungling” her response to the cost-of-living crisis.

“It is utterly shameless for the SNP to talk about the cost of living crisis while they refuse to use the litany of powers at their disposal to help Scots,” MSP Neil Bibby claimed.

“The truth is they don’t want to be asked any questions because they don’t have any answers.”

Later, Scottish Tory chief Douglas Ross announced he would be holding a virtual Q&A with journalists to answer the questions that "Nicola Sturgeon is avoiding".

The SNP have been contacted for comment.