The National:

THE Royal Mail seems to be taking on a little more than its standard duties.

The now-private firm is tasked with emptying the red post boxes, delivering letters and parcels, and releasing the odd collectible stamp for the enthusiast.

However, in a letter sent to Councillor Alastair Redman, one Royal Mail official appeared to take on a little more responsibility than that.

Redman – who sits as an independent on Argyll and Bute council after being suspended from the Tory party – had written to the posties to ask about services to Islay and Jura, where Covid has impacted on deliveries.

In their reply, the Royal Mail official apologised for the issues, but said their staff were “working tirelessly” to keep deliveries as regular as possible.

They went on: “Royal Mail recognises delivery as a way of keeping the United Kingdom together … I am sorry for any concern caused.”

It’s not immediately clear if Redman was concerned that a slight drop in the regularity of mail deliveries could shatter the Union – although it currently seems fragile enough for something like that to do it damage.

Either way, defending the Union isn’t something we’d have put high on the Royal Mail’s list of responsibilities – or any other courier firm for that matter.

While the Royal Mail declined to comment directly, a spokesperson said the remark was only meant to show how their services help to keep the UK connected in terms of communication.

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