FIGURES across the SNP have reacted to Keir Starmer doubling down on his claims that there is “no case” for re-joining the EU.

Starmer had previously made the argument for accepting Brexit back in February when he said “there was no going back” on BBC Radio Newcastle.

However, speaking on Wednesday with James O'Brien on LBC Radio, Starmer doubled down, saying: “We can't reverse Brexit. There's no case for rejoining the EU.”

He went on to say: "All this government has done - it is the thinnest of deals, they said they can 'get Brexit done' and they thought that was it - job done.

"It's not. We've got to make Brexit work and that means we need to deal with these gaps and these problems.

"We can't go on with these labour shortages, with businesses struggling, we need to make Brexit work.

"So, there's not case for rejoining the EU, but we've got to make Brexit work.

"The Government thought the slogan would do it and that was enough. That's obviously not enough."

This has prompted a reaction from SNP figures who have slated this as “complete nonsense”.

Quote tweeting the LBC article, Michael Russell said: “Complete nonsense of course from Keir but useful clarity for those ‘aye hopin ‘that a vote for Labour will sort Scotland’s problems.   Only one way to become a normal European nation again, which is to choose independence.  #YouYesYet”

Meanwhile, SNP shadow culture secretary John Nicolson MP said: “Depressing that Labour is now a Brexit party - and hobbled by its decision to vote for the Tories’ disastrous #Brexit deal. Scotland can and will rejoin the EU. It’s what the vast majority of Scottish voters want.”

SNP MP Chris Law said: “Rubbish, you can and you should rejoin #EU #BrexitShambles”

During his exchange with O'Brien, Starmer was asked if he would "actually mention in PMQs that Brexit is having a negative impact on all of the areas of British life that politicians are supposed to be most concerned about?".

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Starmer replied:"Yes, we're going to ramp up our criticism across the board in relation to the government because this all goes to the central question of the growth of the economy.

"The last 12 years have been absolutely appalling.

"The reason we're so high in tax is because we've been so low in growth.

"Obviously, the government's failure with Brexit is part of that and I certainly intend to take that to the Prime Minister."