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SOCIAL media giant Twitter is working on an edit button, but it comes a little too late for some.

As it stands, a tweet once posted cannot be changed, something those involved with the Better Together campaign are probably a little vexed about.

An edit button would have saved them having their empty promises brought back to haunt them.

And it would certainly have helped more than a couple of Tory MPs out of a sticky situation of two.

So, before they get the chance to go back and rewrite history, here are some memorable tweets Unionists probably wish they had an edit button for.

Channel 4 is publicly funded

The National:

Unlike Nadine Dorries, who was unfortunate enough to show the world how clueless she is about Channel 4 on a live broadcast, Tory MP Ben Bradley did so on Twitter.

The MP was widely mocked after he tweeted to claim that the broadcaster “can't raise any of its own money, which holds it back ... £ ends up being from the taxpayer”.

Unfortunately for Bradley, no edit button was there to save his behind, so he had to resort to delete.

A second draft of the tweet saw him fare little better.

Just delete your whole account

Daniel Kawczynski deleted his whole Twitter account amid the backlash surrounding his branding of calls for the UK to accept more refugees from Ukraine “illiterate and immoral”.

The National:

The Tory MP, who was forced to apologise to the Commons amid complaints about his bullying behaviour after consuming a “significant” amount of alcohol, later appeared to claim it was all Twitter’s fault.

He said the social media platform had allowed “denigration and disinformation” to run rampant.

Perhaps if he could have edited his tweet he wouldn’t be so salty.

Public health, or socialism?

The National: Joy Morrissey MP alongside Boris Johnson (Twitter: @joymorrissey)

Joy Morrissey, the Tory MP for Beaconsfield (above with Boris Johnson), came under heavy fire in December after she posted on Twitter to attack England’s chief medical officer.

She suggested that Professor Chris Whitty, who was knighted for his services, should defer to her on matters related to the pandemic as she is an elected politician.

“This is not a public health socialist state,” she said.

The backlash was swift, and more than likely left Morrissey wishing for an edit button.

Just about anything Nadine Dorries has said

The Culture Secretary is absolutely fuming about people being abusive online. She’s incandescent, completely blind with rage.

In fact, so blind is she that Dorries appears to have completely overlooked a swathe of her own tweets which weren’t exactly kind.

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As well as calling other Twitter users “knobs” and “fuckwits”, the currently-top-but-probably-not-for-long Tory also appears to have a bit of a vendetta against LBC host James O’Brien.

If she’d been able to go back and edit her tweets perhaps her claims to have never been abusive on social media wouldn’t have rung quite so resoundingly hollow.

Lower energy bills in the UK

Energy bills are skyrocketing, with the price cap going up by more than 50% at the start of this month.

Calls for mitigation measures from the Chancellor have fallen on deaf ears, as the Tories' measly cut of 5p from fuel duty barely made a dent in record-high fuel costs.

But in 2014, we were promised “lower energy bills for Scotland than if we leave the United Kingdom”.

Oh dear.

EU membership

It would be unfair to list the countless broken promises from Better Together here, but we would also be remiss to exclude such a classic.

In what is now such an infamous claim that even going back to edit it wouldn’t scrub it from our collective memories, Better Together tweeted in 2014: “What is process for removing our EU citizenship? Voting Yes.”