SCOTS could be saving almost £2000 per 10,000 miles driven on their car fuel costs if they were to ditch petrol for an electric alternative, according to a new report.

The figures come from price comparison site Questzone and show that Scots in some areas could be saving almost £2000 in fuel costs when comparing the most popular petrol and electric cars in each region.

Across Scotland, the most popular petrol and electric cars are the Ford Fiesta and Peugeot e-206, respectively, and these are the models used to calculate the fuel cost comparison.

Here's a breakdown of the cost comparison between petrol and electric costs for the two models by area:

Looking at larger regions, the biggest calculated saving on switching to an electric car is found in West Central Scotland, with a predicted £1958.90 saved per 10,000 miles driven, which is a 79.83% saving on the cost of petrol fuel for the same distance.

The region with the smallest saving was the Highlands and Islands which still boasted a saving of £1897.55 per 10,000 miles driven, which is a 79.31% saving on the cost of driving the same distance in the Ford Fiesta.

Have a look at our interactive map below for a further breakdown of the data for the areas in Scotland to see how much you could be saving on your fuel costs:

The report comes as energy and fuel costs are skyrocketing across the country in the wake of the rise of the energy price cap. 

Meanwhile, petrol prices in Scotland are hitting record levels which may lead some drivers to look for an alternative.