A TORY MSP has said it is “completely the wrong time” for Boris Johnson to resign as Prime Minister – even if he has broken his own Covid-19 rules.

Graham Simpson, MSP for Central Scotland, was asked if the Prime Minister was given a fixed penalty notice, should he stand down from his role during an interview with the BBC on Sunday.

He claimed that it would “send the wrong message” to Russia’s Vladimir Putin and said that the focus should be on Ukraine.

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On Friday, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon criticised the UK Government's “woefully slow” response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. 
Home Office figures showed that there had been 32,000 applications made to the Homes for Ukraine scheme - but that only 4700 visas have been issued.

Simpson did not speak out at the time when the majority of the Scottish Tory party was calling for Johnson to stand down amid the partygate revelations.

It comes as the Metropolitan Police confirmed on Friday that 20 Fixed Penalty Notices had been given to Downing Street staff for breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules.

Speaking on the Sunday show, Simpson was asked by the BBC’s Martin Geissler if the PM should resign if he receives a fine.

The National: Simpson said it is the 'wrong time' for Johnson to goSimpson said it is the 'wrong time' for Johnson to go

Simpson replied: “Well, the Prime Minister hasn't been fined, it’s completely speculative to say that so I'm not going to sit here and say what should happen.”

Geissler pressed Simpson and asked if he had “no view” on whether the PM may have broken the law, and if he had should he continue in office.

Simpson replied: “I think, right now, when we've got the situation in Ukraine, it is completely the wrong time for anyone to be calling for the Prime Minister to go.”

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Geissler interrupted: “Even if he's broken the rules?”

To which Simpson said: “The message that would send out to Vladimir Putin would be completely wrong.

“We need to be concentrating on helping the people of Ukraine and not calling for Prime Ministers to go. It's the wrong time.”

The National: Sarwar did not agree with Simpson's assessmentSarwar did not agree with Simpson's assessment

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, (pictured above) who was also on the programme, was asked if his party had the same view.

He said: “I think there's a different point.

“One – unity against Vladimir Putin and unity with the people of Ukraine. But we are talking about Ukraine in the defence of democracy.

“It doesn't mean we forget to do democracy here or at home.

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“Boris Johnson is a liar. He's incompetent, he's corrupt, and the sooner he leaves office, the better it is for the United Kingdom.”

In January this year, Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross and a large number of his MSP group, not including Simpson, called for the PM to resign after he admitted to breaching Covid-19 rules in the House of Commons.

Ross later U-turned on this call and withdrew the letter of no confidence he had sent to the Tory party 1922 committee in March.