NICOLA Sturgeon has suggested that the system of off-peak and peak ScotRail train tickets could be scrapped as part of a review coming later this year.

Scotland’s First Minister hinted at the change as she spoke at Glasgow’s Queen Street Station to mark the rail service coming into public ownership.

The system sees travellers charged higher fares at “peak”, or busier times, with “off-peak” tickets cheaper during quieter periods.

Nicola Sturgeon visited Glasgow's Queen Street Station

It means that people who commute to work during traditional “rush-hour” periods face forking out higher fees for the same journey.

The First Minister said a ScotRail fares review will take place later in the year, and that reforming the pricing system would be “in scope” because how people travel has changed significantly due to the pandemic and a new culture of home-working.

Sturgeon, however, would not provide a timetable for when fares may come down.

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“I wouldn’t want to rule any of that out. I think all of these issues should be on the table,” she told the media.

“I think one of the most challenging things we need to work our way through is what is going to be the new normal in terms of people’s travel to offices and workplaces.

“Where is the hybrid [working] model going to settle? We don’t really know that yet, but it will have big implications on people’s use of public transport.

Nicola Sturgeon visited Glasgow's Queen Street Station

“So all of these issues I think have to be in scope, as we consider these things and reach conclusions on them.”

On Friday, the franchise transferred from Dutch firm Abellio into public ownership.

Abellio has been running ScotRail since 2015 but it has faced criticism over performance levels.

Its contract is being brought to an end three years early, having been due to last until 2025.