GLASGOW three-piece outfit Fatherson are just days away from the April 1 release of Normal Fears, the band's third ever album.

Around three-and-a-half years on from 2018's acclaimed record Sum Of All Your Parts, the alternative rock group have made a record on loss, describing it as a "lush lesson in letting go".

The band's frontman told The National that although they were forced to make it remotely through the pandemic, "it's anything but a lockdown record".

Fatherson drops their third album Normal Fears on April 1Normal Fears is described as a 'lush lesson in letting go'

Ross Leighton said: “It's not about anything to do with that really. It’s about relationships and growing up and finding out new things.

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"Normal Fears is a collection of all those fears. Everyone has felt like, ‘am I doing this right?’, ‘Should I really be doing this?’ And it was nice to realise that everybody can feel like that and it's not unique to us as much as it feels like it is.

"That sort of weird paranoia that everyone gets, like, ‘should I buy that car? Should I buy this car?’ But it's like, who cares? Everyone's so afraid of all the stuff that really doesn't matter. If you are lucky enough to have good friends and someone that you love then all the other stuff is just noise.”

Fatherson drops their third album Normal Fears on April 1

Despite the album being about letting go and the fears that follow, it remains confidently optimistic. This is something, Leighton says, that isn’t always the forte of Scots.

We're “designed” for gloom, the lead singer says: “I think Scottish people could find gloom at their own birthday party. We are a nation of people that are pessimistically optimistic at every point. Like, ‘yeah, it was a great party, but actually, I don't like that beer they got’.

“The record has that sense that it's not that bad. You'll be fine. Even if it's absolutely sh*** you'll be fine.”

The group has also landed a gig with legendary Scottish band Travis at this year’s Summer Sessions in Edinburgh.

Fatherson drops their third album Normal Fears on April 1

Leighton said: “It’s actually gonna be on my birthday so it's gonna be a good way to spend my birthday this year. Travis have got some of the best songs from any Scottish band ever. And I love them.

“I'm just dead excited to go and play a show. It will be stunning to play along with a band that you admire, that you loved when you were growing up. Especially when they've always had a special place in my heart. And to do a big show over the summer, it’s going to be absolutely class.”

That’s not the only thing the indie band have lined up though, with a mystery Glasgow roof-top gig taking place next Friday to celebrate their new album.

Fatherson drops their third album Normal Fears on April 1

Leighton continued: “So the record is called Normal Fears and we've done a collaboration with Brewgooder. And we've got a lager called Normal Beers. Everyone that comes to the rooftop is going to get a free can of Normal Beers. And we're going to play some tunes and we're just going to have a wee party for a couple of hours to celebrate the release of the record. It'll be really fun.”

As well as making award-winning music, the band has been producing content around food across their YouTube and social media channels. One series sees the trio search Glasgow for the city’s best pizza.

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“I would say the most interesting and best pizza that we've found so far is Canotto in Cathcart,” Leighton said.

“It's like Detroit-style pan pizza and it's class. It’s so delicious. Paisanos is also amazing. And we've went to Baked Pizza al Taglio across from the Tennent's Brewery. It's amazing, Roman style."

The hunt continues, Leighton said, with the group now searching for the city's best pizza crunch. An abomination to some, a health hazard to others, but loved by many.

Fatherson will tour the album across the UK starting in May, including gigs in Glasgow's Barrowlands and The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen.