MINISTERS in London are reportedly fuming at the devolved governments’ refusal to distribute a book on the Queen’s legacy to schoolchildren.

The UK Government had planned for the book, part of a year-long programme of events to mark Elizabeth's 70-year reign, to be sent to every child in Scotland and Wales.

There were to be 387,000 copies of the book produced in English for 1897 primary schools in Scotland, along with 7200 books in Gaelic for 108 schools.

For Wales, London-based DK Books were contracted to produce 211,000 bilingual copies of the book to be distributed to children at around 3000 schools.

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However, a source in the Labour-led Welsh government told WalesOnline that, after seeing the book, it was thought to be too Anglocentric and out of touch with the reality of devolution.

Mark Drakeford’s Cardiff administration said that schools in Wales could opt in to receive the book if they wished, but that it would not be sent out to every child automatically.

Reacting to the news, a source in the London government told WalesOnline that ministers in Westminster were “furious”. They said the top Tories “can’t understand what the problem is”.

Now, the Scottish Government has confirmed that it will be taking the same approach as the Welsh government.

A spokesperson said: “The UK Government has responsibility for the content of the book and its distribution.

“Schools in Scotland will have the choice whether to receive delivery, this will be facilitated by the UK Department of Education.”

Despite education and culture being devolved, the UK Government decided to award DK Books a £12 million contract to create the books.

The contract states that the book will run for 80-96 pages with the precise count to be determined by DK Books.

There will also be a downloadable audio version produced in each of the three languages – English, Welsh and Gaelic.

There will also be an additional book sent out for every 30 children on a school's roll to "minimise the possibility of any children not receiving a copy”.

The Queen celebrated her platinum jubilee on February 6, 2022. She is the first British monarch to sit on the throne for 70 years. A special bank holiday at the beginning of June will mark the event.