NO new Covid rules will be introduced this week in the First Minister’s virus update, Humza Yousaf has said.

The Health Secretary confirmed Nicola Sturgeon will not reintroduce any restrictions in her Covid update to Holyrood on Tuesday.

But rules making mask-wearing in indoor public spaces like trains and buses may remain for longer than expected.

The First Minister had planned to drop the mask mandate at the end of March but the Health Secretary told the BBC today ministers would be considering whether to delay because of rising numbers of Covid cases.

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Yousaf said: “Government at this stage is not considering further restrictions.

“We have an important decision to take on Tuesday around whether or not we remove the last legal restriction or protective measure and move it into guidance, that is of course the wearing of face coverings.

“So that is a discussion clearly the Cabinet will have on Tuesday.”

He noted the Scottish Government’s preferred way of trying to tackle Covid was now through “antiviral treatments, vaccines and people's good judgement and behaviours” rather than legal restrictions.

As of March 24, there were 2326 in hospital who had tested positive for Covid – a record high. Of these, 28 were in intensive care.

Some 10,100 new Covid-19 cases were also recorded while 41 deaths were registered.