The BBC has announced that Scotland-based drama Vigil will return to our screens for a second series. 

In 2021, Vigil was the UK’s most-watched new drama since Bodyguard in 2018.

Filmed in Glasgow and around the west coast of Scotland, much of the action revolves around Dunloch naval base and the HMS Vigil submarine. 

Starring Martin Compston, the show followed an investigation into the death of a crew member on a Trident nuclear submarine and attracted an audience of over 13 million viewers across 30-days for episode one. 

When will Vigil return?

The exact date that Vigil will return has not yet been confirmed, but we can most likely expect to see it on our screens at some point in 2023. 

Is Dunloch naval base a real place?

Dunloch naval base featured heavily in Vigil, leading people to question whether Dunloch was in fact a real Scottish town. 

Unfortunately, fans will not be able to visit Dunloch as it is a fictional town created for the show. 

However, while Dunloch might not be a real place, it is based on Faslane, the HM Naval Base Clyde on the Gare Loch in the west of Scotland which houses the UK’s nuclear deterrent Trident and its four-strong fleet of Vanguard-class submarines.

Will Martin Compston feature in Vigil series 2? 

Fans were left disappointed in series one when Martin Compston's appearance in the show was limited to flashbacks. 

It is currently unknown if he will appear in the second season.