THE SNP have said they will explore introducing a domestic abuse register following a request by a Tory MSP.

Nicola Sturgeon said she was keen to find out more about the proposal from Pam Gosal at Thursday's First Ministers Questions.

Gosal suggested the idea as she grilled the Scottish Government on what it was doing to ensure perpetrators of domestic abuse do not go on to re-offend.

The West of Scotland MSP said: "Half of the 65,000 domestic abuse incidents reported in 2020/21 were committed by offenders.

"Clearly whatever the Scottish Government is doing isn’t working.

"We need to work together to provide a true deterrent. Will the Government commit to do more on this issue and back my proposal to create a domestic abuse register?"

Pam Gosal highlighted half of the 65,000 domestic abuse incident reports in 2020/21 were committed by re-offenders

Sturgeon said the Government was already implementing a national strategy for tackling violence against women and girls called Equally Safe which aims to prevent violence from occurring in the first place, build the capability and capacity of mainstream and specialist services to support survivors and those at risk, and strengthen the justice response to victims and perpetrators.

She added the SNP is expanding the Caledonian System to ensure more male perpetrators are directed to services that help challenge harmful behaviours and reduce reoffending.

But she pledged to remain open-minded about introducing a register, admitting the sex offenders register would not include every perpetrator of domestic abuse.

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"On an offender register, we are willing to explore any options to reduce crime and reoffending, so we’d be keen to understand the detail of that proposal and give it due consideration," said Sturgeon.

"All registered sex offenders are already placed on the sex offenders register but I appreciate that will not incorporate all perpetrators of domestic abuse.

"So these things need careful consideration and I will give it that. It is definitely the case more people now feel able to come forward when they are victims of domestic abuse.

"Sentences for perpetrators are a matter for courts and I think it’s important we recognise that, but there is a range of work underway to ensure better support for victims and to ensure those who commit these crimes do face up to the consequences of their actions.

"The government will remain open-minded to any further proposals."