RUSSIA’S invasion of Ukraine influences how Scottish voters feel about independence referendum planning, a new poll has found.

A majority of respondents felt discussions over when a second independence referendum will take place should stop due to the war, the Savanta ComRes research said. Some 59% said talks on the timing of indyref2 should stop, with 29% saying discussions should continue.

Meanwhile, the same poll found support for No vote is at 52% and support for Yes is at 48% – when the “don’t knows” are removed. This showed support slightly up for the Union since the last poll showing 49%/51%.

Savanta ComRes polled 1008 Scottish adults between March 10 and 16.

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The voting intention figures represent a slight increase for No compared to the polling company’s previous research in January.

Among SNP voters, 43% said discussions on when a second independence referendum should take place should stop while 47% said they should continue.

On the timing of a second vote, 34% of Scots agree with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that it should be held within the next two years, while 15% feel it should take place within five years.

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Respondents were also asked whether discussions on the timing of a referendum should stop due to the cost of living crisis.

Some 52% said they should stop, but 38% said they should continue.

The National:

On constituency voting preference, the SNP are on 46%, Labour are on 24%, the Conservatives are at 20% and the Liberal Democrats are on 7%.

For regional list voting, the SNP are on 34%, Labour are on 22%, the Conservatives are at 20%, the Greens on 13%, the Lib Dems on 8% and Alba on 2%.