New polling from YouGov has revealed that over 80% of Scots are worried about the cost-of-living crisis, as food, fuel and household bills are set to skyrocket over the next six months.

In total, 84% of Scots reported that they were worried. 43% reported that they were “very worried” about increasing costs, and just 2% of people reported they were “not at all” worried.

Across the UK, those over 65 years old were those with the greatest concerns, with 82% of pensioners reporting they were worried.

Recent analysis has shown that the UK is the only major world economy to be raising taxes on working people during the cost of living crisis, with a 1.25% hike set to be imposed on employees and employers from 6 April.

Inflation has risen to its highest rate in 30 years at 5.4%, while National insurance (NI) rates will go up by 1.25% to 13.25% this April.

The NI rises imposed by Westminster have been criticised by many across the political spectrum as imposing a tax on the poorest in our society, with the think tank NIESR stating that the number of households in the UK in destitution could rise by nearly a third by this Spring as a result.

Karen Adam, SNP MSP said: “As the Tory cost-of-living crisis spirals out of control, the reality so far is that the Chancellor has abandoned households and failed to properly act to tackle the crisis.

“Instead, he has happily pressed ahead with a £4 billion tax cut for bankers.

“Meanwhile other countries in Europe have already moved on freezing or capping energy prices whilst cutting energy taxes as Rishi Sunak drags his feet. That is why only with independence can we deliver a fairer country for the people of Scotland”.

Citizens Advice Scotland spokesman, Myles Fitt said:

“We need to see urgent action from policymakers to ease the cost of living, and we will be awaiting with interest what proposals the UK government sets out next week around energy.

“But meanwhile we want people to understand that they aren’t alone during this crisis. It’s easy to think you are the only person struggling with money problems – and that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

"The CAB network is here to help with free, confidential and impartial advice. Our message to people on the back of this polling is to seek advice. People can contact their local CAB, check our online advice or visit".

Poverty Alliance director Peter Kelly said: “Poverty happens because of an unjust economy and a failure by government to support people properly. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

"We can build a different kind of economy and a better social security system based on our shared values of justice and compassion.

“We need more jobs that pay a Living Wage. We need to reverse the cut to Universal Credit and make sure that our social security provides adequate incomes for people.

"The extension of services that help everyone like childcare and free travel will help reduce costs in these difficult times. And we need to tax energy companies and other big businesses to ensure that they pay their fair share".

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