BENEFIT test reassessments for people with lifelong disabilities will be brought to an end by the Scottish Government in the coming weeks, it has emerged.

Holyrood is taking over responsibility for paying out adult disability benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions at Westminster next week. At the moment, under UK Government rules, people who have lifelong conditions are continually required to attend reassessments in order to continue receiving funds.

But now this approach will be scrapped in Scotland, with the SNP government planning a more “compassionate” approach.

According to social security minister Ben Macpherson (below), people receiving PIP and DLA will not need to apply for the new Adult Disability Payment from the Scottish Government – they’ll be automatically moved onto this system in the coming months.

The National:

He told the BBC about the changes the Holyrood system will implement, including short-term funding for those going through an appeals process and new criteria for terminal illness payments.

"If they have a disability or a long-term health condition that is unlikely to change, we are looking to provide indefinite awards, which means that people will not need to reapply for their benefit or be reviewed,” the minister explained.

He assured claimants that they will not have to go through “undignified physical and mental assessments”, and added that the private sector will no longer play a role in the system.

The change has been welcomed by disability groups and advice bodies.

Citizens Advice Scotland praised the simplification of the claims process and described the Adult Disability Payment as a “huge change from what came before”.

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A spokesperson for the DWP said: "We support millions of people every year and our priority is they get the benefits to which they are entitled as soon as possible, and to ensure they receive a supportive and compassionate service," they said.

"Award rates and durations are based on individual circumstances and needs, and the likelihood of those needs changing.

"For PIP they can vary from nine months to an ongoing award, with a light touch review after 10 years.

"Reviews are a key feature of the benefit and ensure that payments accurately match the current needs of claimants."