A SINGER from the Highlands is set to swap Fort William for Los Angeles in a bid to make further inroads in the music industry.

Keir Gibson will be performing at the MUSEXPO Creative Summit 2022, as part of a partnership with creative economy support network XpoNorth.

The annual global music business and showcase event is taking placing in Burbank, California from March 20 to 23, with participation from music, media, technology and consumer brands from around the world for its 26th edition – and its first-in person event since 2019.

The 20-year-old artist is set to perform in front of representatives from some of the largest networks in the music community as part of the official opening night networking reception at the SIR studios in Hollywood.

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Sean Cousins, also from the Highlands, has been managing Gibson for the past four years.

He said: “XpoNorth have been a huge help to us. I have been living in Inverness since I was 12 and have always kept an eye on what they’re doing.

“Their annual conference gives so much insight into the industry and is the only event this far north that opens so many doors for creatives. They have been amazing at getting us connected to others in the industry, both here and further afield, such as with getting us invited to MUSEXPO, which we are really excited about.

“Keir was the first artist I ever worked with, it was a brand new thing for both of us, and it has been great to build things up together.

“MUSEXPO is a unique event in that it isn’t open to the public, it is very exclusive and an incredible chance for us to be in front of and network with record label executives and agencies. This is a huge opportunity for us to head out there and be amongst that network. Keir has built a nice base in the UK and we would love to try open some doors in America now, you never know what might happen.”

Alex Smith from XpoNorth said: “Connecting regional talent with potential industry partners is a key part of XpoNorth’s work and MUSEXPO offers a fantastic platform for Keir and his team to access a cross-reach of leading music industry networks.

“We have a long-standing relationship with conference producers, A&R Worldwide, and are delighted to have worked in partnership with them to deliver another high-level opportunity to connect regional businesses with the international marketplace”.