A BILL being considered by Westminster threatens to “directly attack” the devolution settlement, the SNP have warned.

The Professional Qualifications Bill aims to revoke the current EU-based system for recognising professional qualifications gained overseas. The Tory government says the current system gives “preferential” treatment to qualifications gained outwith the UK.

However, the SNP say the bill has caused “great concern” within the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments due to its lack of legislative requirement for UK Ministers to obtain consent when legislating on devolved issues.

Three Plaid Cymru MPs, Ben Lake, Liz Saville Roberts, and Hywel Williams, with the support of SNP MP Owen Thompson, have tabled an amendment to the bill which would mean a UK minister “must obtain the consent” of a devolved assembly before legislating in devolved areas.

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The SNP said this clause would prevent the UK Government “ignoring the views of both the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments”.

The UK Government website states that neither the Senedd, Holyrood, or Stormont have so far consented to the Professional Qualifications Bill.

Thompson said: “The UK government’s Professional Qualification Bill has the potential to have a direct attack on the devolution settlement.

“The Scottish Government’s position on this has been clear from the outset: if there are satisfactory amendments made to the bill – such as the one being put forward by Plaid Cymru and supported by the SNP – then we will consent to the bill.

“However, just like with Brexit, we are being ignored by an arrogant, outdated Westminster system that believes it knows Scotland and Wales better than its own Governments.”

The MP for Midlothian said that Plaid Cymru’s amendment “works for all parties”, adding: “It would not undermine the UK Government’s ability to legislate on non-devolved matters, and would not prevent the Secretary of State from carrying out their functions on UK-wide issues.

“However, it would prevent Scottish and Welsh Ministers from being ignored over crucial devolved areas.

“This is a straight-forward, constructive amendment that will improve this bill greatly, and would protect the devolution settlement we have in place.

“If the UK Government fails to listen, then it is further proof that this Tory government is hell-bent on attacking the devolution settlement at every possible opportunity.”

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The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, which has sponsored the bill, said that introducing a clause which required devolved administrations' consent could mean the UK was unable to "promptly and consistently implement provisions on the recognition of professional qualifications in current and future international agreements".

A spokesperson said: “The Professional Qualifications Bill is essential to negotiating trade deals which will benefit Scotland. It will mean that UK regulators can recognise the professional qualifications of skilled professionals from around the world.

“We have engaged extensively with the devolved governments on the bill and will continue to work meaningfully, collaboratively and transparently with them to deliver for all parts of the United Kingdom.”