A TORY MP used his time during education questions at Westminster to claim that teachers are being “aided and abetted” by “politically-motivated trade unions” to push a “far-left agenda”.

At Education Questions, MP Jonathan Gullis (Stoke-on-Trent North) claimed "woke warrior teachers" are pushing "extremist nonsense" onto pupils, and suggested they want to "cancel important historical figures such as Sir Winston Churchill". He provided no evidence of this claim.

“However these teachers are also aided and abetted by some trade unions such as the National Education Union (NEU)," he claimed.

“The failed and disgraced NEU demanded the welfare state was reformed before approving pupils going back to school in their ridiculous 100-point plan and its president blames Nato instead of Vladimir Putin for the illegal and immoral invasion of Ukraine.

“Will the minister outline how we will hold politically-motivated trade unions to account, preventing them from using teachers as a gateway to push their far-left agenda?”

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Education minister Robin Walker replied that former teacher Gullis “always speaks out bravely and from his own personal experience as a teacher”, adding: “Pupils must form their own political views. Schools should not indoctrinate. They should not encourage children to pin their colours to any particular political mast.

“The new guidance will help schools to make good decisions about working with external agencies and ensure than any engagement doesn’t breach their legal duties.”