Michael Gove is the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

MAYBE the UK Government really does sincerely believe it is doing enough to help refugees from Ukraine – if Michael Gove’s latest embarrassing interview gaffe is anything to go by.

Westminster has consistently ignored and knocked back calls for the UK to do more to help those in need arriving from Ukraine … all while using dodgy figures to claim it is “world leading”.

Speaking of dodgy figures, Gove appeared on Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the latest support offered by the UK.

Michael Gove is the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

Ukrainian refugees in France, which has criticised the UK for failing to live up to its 'grand statements' of support

See if you can spot the problem…

On help for Ukrainian refugees, Gove said: “Yes, we’ve had more than 300,000 visas that have been issued.

“And of course, it’s important to recognise that from Tuesday – I’m talking about the families – from Tuesday, it will be the case that the majority of people will no longer need to apply for visas at these application centres, we’ll accept Ukrainian passports, people will be able to come into this country.

“And as well as the number of people who are coming in through the family scheme, which has rapidly expanded, as you mentioned right at the beginning of the programme, there’s a new Homes For Ukrainians scheme, which also has no cap to the number of people who can come here.”

The Tory MP seems to have bought into his own government’s hype – as he managed to overestimate the number of visas issued by 297,000.

The presenter didn’t let Gove get away without correcting the record. Those with a strong stomach can hit play below to see the moment as it happened.

Ridge said: “So just to clarify, 300,000 visas, that’s up from 1305 on Thursday, is that correct?”

Gove replied: “3000, more than 3000 visas, my apologies.”

He’s certainly sorry he got caught.

The presenter continued: “More than 3000, right. I was going to say, that’s a very fast escalation otherwise.”

“Yes,” came the response from Gove, as he took a very nervy sip of water.

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Alas, that was far from the only excruciating moment of this car-crash interview.

The minister also spoke about the UK Government’s sponsorship scheme, allowing people to sign up to offer a home to refugees.

Gove said he is in the process of “seeking to see what I can do” as an individual to help Ukrainian refugees.

Asked if he would be signing up to offer a room through the scheme, he said: “I’m going to make sure that I do everything I can as an individual to support. And, again, each individual will have their own circumstances.

“It is the case that something like one in 10 UK citizens, which is an amazing amount, have said that they want to do something to help. But we want to make sure that people are in a position to help, because inevitably it’s a significant commitment.

“I recognise that we need to operate in different ways and in different phases to help people who are fleeing persecution.”

Pressed on whether that meant he would be offering a room, he said: “I’m in the process of seeking to see what I can do, yes.”

Gove is well versed in the Tory textbook, pulling out exactly the kind of non-answer you’d expect from a government that is all words and no action.