PETE Wishart has added fresh pressure on the UK Government to speed up its process of allowing businesses to sponsor Ukrainian refugees.

On Wednesday, The National revealed that an Aberfeldy man had been told that his application to sponsor Ukrainian nationals could take up to three months.

Gavin Price, who owns the Schiehallion Hotel and Fountain Bar, is offering to provide jobs for two Ukrainians, paying for their accommodation, flights and work visas.

But UK red tape is seeing the process being held up, with warnings that Ukrainians cannot wait three months as Russia continues its invasion.

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On Thursday, Perth and North Perthshire MP Wishart called on the Home Office to support his constituent and more like him trying to help Ukrainian refugees.

During Business Questions, he said: “I don't usually bring up constituency cases, Mr Speaker, but I want to mention the case of Gavin Price, who runs the Schiehallion Hotel in Aberfeldy, who has offered employment to people who are fleeing Ukraine.

"He said he'll pay for the accommodation, he'll pay for the flights and he'll also meet the costs of any work visas.

“Now I'm sure he's not alone in businesses across the UK making this generous offer.

"He was told that this could take up to three months. Surely, we must be in a situation, in a position where we could set this red tape aside and allow people who want to come here to places that are available for people to come to.”

Responding, House of Commons Leader Mark Spencer failed to answer the calls to cut the red tape.

He said: “I'd also like to pay tribute to his constituent Gavin Price.

“I think it's a true demonstration, actually, of what the British people feel and how welcoming we are as a nation to those people that find themselves in the most terrible of circumstances.”

Speaking to The National, Price said he was shocked by the images and videos he saw on Ukraine on the news – and felt compelled to do something about it.

“What is going on there is atrocious and surely whatever anyone can do to help surely has to be a good thing,” he said.

He continued: “I would like to see a relaxation on all migrants coming in from Ukraine. There shouldn’t be obstacles put in their way."

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The hotel and bar owner said Ukrainians can't afford to wait.

Price has seen the backing of his constituency MP, Deputy First Minister John Swinney, and his MSP, Wishart.

Swinney said Price had demonstrated "the wide level of empathy and support that exists for Ukrainians across Perthshire, and our collective determination to do our bit to alleviate their suffering”.

The Home Office refused to comment on Price’s case, instead directing The National to a press release on the UK Government’s approach to helping Ukrainians fleeing the country and guidance for “family members of British nationals in Ukraine, and Ukrainian nationals in Ukraine and the UK”.