PROTESTS calling for buffer zones to be put in place at abortion clinics in Scotland will be held in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

The demonstrations at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, which have been organised by the campaign group Back Off Scotland, started on Wednesday and will continue for 40 days.

The organisation is calling for the Scottish Government to introduce protest-free zones outside all abortion clinics across Scotland. 

Organisers said: "No one should have to face intimidation when they access abortions or any kind of healthcare.

"The Scottish Government are slacking, and keep diverting the conversation onto encouraging local councils to decide on buffer zones.

"This would result in a ‘postcode lottery’, meaning safe access to abortions would depend entirely on where you live.

"This isn’t fair and isn’t adequate in protecting people in Scotland who are in need of abortions."

Lily Roberts, a Glasgow University student, is in support of buffer zones after she faced protesters when accessing abortion services at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

She told Glasgow Live: "When I went in for my abortion procedure at 7am I was confronted by around 15 to 20 protesters with placards, and they were handing out cards.

"During my procedure, I felt myself dreading coming out the hospital because there was essentially a full picket line of people I had to walk through.

"It’s violent to impose such a politicised opinion on people in that manner - especially in a health care setting.

"People attend these clinics for all sorts of reasons, so all sorts of people are having to face this barrage of harassment.

"It’s completely out of order."