SCOTTISH Labour will be changing their logo in a major rebrand as Anas Sarwar ditches the red rose symbol.  

According to the Daily Record, Anas Sarwar will publicly announce the change on Friday during the Scottish Labour Party conference.  

The red rose, a famous symbol of England, has been ditched by the party as they take on more traditional Scottish imagery for future campaigns. 

The National:

The old logo has been ditched for a more Scottish look

The Daily Record reports that Sarwar made the change following feedback from focus groups who responded negatively to the logo that has been used by the UK Labour party since 1986. 

The red rose will not feature on the back or front pages of the party's upcoming conference guide.

The new design is a red and purple thistle in keeping with a distinctly more Scottish aesthetic.  

The National:

The new logo features a red and purple thistle in a distinct departure in style from its predecessor

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A Labour party source told the Daily Record: “This is a big step in the right direction for Scottish Labour. 

“Nobody thinks rebranding is going to transform things overnight or is itself going to change anyone’s vote - but this is just one part of a wider culture change that is about building a political party for a modern Scotland. 

“Anas Sarwar is serious about turning the party around - we’re investing in campaign infrastructure, cutting-edge digital technology and making sure we’re building an organisation that has the energy and ideas to win. 

“This is about making clear to voters that we have changed into a modern, future-looking Scottish Labour Party - this rebrand does that.” 

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The logo also includes a strapline with the words “build the future, together”, which is reminiscent of the “better together” slogan used during the independence referendum in 2014.  

The party has filed an application with the Electoral Commission to change their logo and expect it to be officially in place after the local elections in May.  

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SNP MSP Paul McLennan said: “Scottish Labour has now taken to rearranging the flowerpots on the Titanic. 

“They could swap the red rose for a tartan branded unicorn but it won’t fool anyone – they are still a branch office which takes its orders from London. 

“While Anas Sarwar supports continued Westminster control over Scotland – denying democracy by refusing to accept Scotland’s democratic right to hold an independence referendum – the people of Scotland will reject Scottish Labour and they will continue to slide into political irrelevance.”