Who is Daria Kaleniuk?

Daria Kaleniuk (below) is a Ukrainian campaigner who stunned the world after passionately dressing down Boris Johnson at a press conference.

She is the co-founder and executive director of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre, a Ukrainian organisation to promote transparent democracy.

The National:

What is she famous for?

Kaleniuk took on the Prime Minister at a press conference in Warsaw, Poland on Tuesday morning.

She told Johnson World War 3 had “already started” and lambasted him for failing to introduce a no-fly zone.

There are concerns that creating a no-fly zone over Ukraine would effectively be a declaration of war between Russia and Nato.

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The National:

She said: “We are asking for the no-fly zone.

“We are seeing responses that it will trigger World War Three, but what is the alternative Mr Prime Minister?”

According to her LinkedIn profile, she worked at the British Council, the Washington DC-based development charity Pact, and the Foundation of Regional Initiatives, a Ukrainian youth NGO.

She studied law in New Orleans, Kharkiv and Chicago, beginning a five-year masters in 2004.

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What does the Anti-Corruption Action Centre do?

The organisation has lobbied Ukrainian ministers on anti-corruption laws, including the establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, the specialist anti-corruption prosecutor’s office and the introduction of open property registers.

Kaleniuk has also worked on tracking international money laundering and international corruption.

Her foundation, started in 2013, is funded by the US Government, the European Union, private international funds, and charitable donations from people and companies.

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Others involved with the group include leading American philosopher Francis Fukuyama (who famously heralded the ascendancy of liberal democracy in the 1990s as the “end of history”) and the UK investigative journalist Oliver Bullough, the author of Moneyland.

Also on the group’s supervisory board is Karen Greenway, a former FBI special agent on the force’s international corruption unit.

The group has been critical of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy before – including accusing him of failing to get a grip on the country’s problem with corruption.