BORIS Johnson was faced with the fury of a Ukrainian journalist calling for a no-fly zone over the country, telling the PM “World War 3 has already started”.

The Prime Minister was giving a press conference in Warsaw, Poland, on Tuesday, when he was confronted by a Ukrainian reporter who called for military intervention from the West.

Daria Kaleniuk, Executive Director at the Anti Corruption Centre,  said that women and children are struggling to cross the border from Ukraine, and hit out at sanctions brought in against Russia - pointing out that there had been none for Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

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Kaleniuk told the PM: “You're talking about the stoicism of Ukrainian people, but Ukrainian women and Ukrainian children are in deep fear because of bombs and missiles which are going from the sky and Ukrainian people are desperately asking for the West to protect our sky.

“We are asking for the no-fly zone.

“We are seeing response that it will trigger World War Three but what is the alternative Mr Prime Minister?

The reporter addressed Boris Johnson

Kaleniuk confronted the PM at a press conference in Warsaw

“To observe how our children instead of planes are protecting NATO from their missiles and bombs. What's the alternative for the no-fly zone?

“We have planes here. We have air defence system in Poland, in Romania. NATO has this air defence. At least this air defence would shield the Western Ukraine. So that these children amd women could come to the border.

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“It's impossible now to cross the border - there are 30km of mines.”

Kaleniuk added that Nato is not willing to defend Ukraine for fear of World War 3, adding “but it has already started”.

She continued: “You're talking about more sanctions Prime Minister but Roman Abramovich is not sanctioned. He's in London.

“His children are not in the bombardments, His children are there in London.”

Kaleniuk added that Russian ogligarch’s children are dotted across Europe in “mansions” and she called for them all to be seized, becoming emotional and close to tears.

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The Prime Minister responded: “I said to Vladimir Zelensky I think a couple of times, unfortunately, the implication of a that is that the UK would be engaged in shooting down Russian planes, will be engaged in direct combat with Russia.

“That's not something that we can do or that we've that we've envisaged and I think the consequences of that would be truly very, very difficult to to control.

“What we can do is all the things that we are doing already and providing as much help and support to Ukrainians as we as we can.

“And as I said to you earlier on the UK was the first European country to offer military assistance, also doing everything we can to tighten the economic noose around the Putin regime and we were amongst the very first to put that package together.”