AN SNP MSP has apologised for an “insensitive” social media post about the crisis in Ukraine.

Falkirk East representative Michelle Thomson was criticised after suggesting Ukraine’s response to the Russian invasion could hold lessons for an independent Scotland.

Responding on Monday to a report that leaders in Kyiv were signing a fast-tracked application to join the EU as Russian forces close in on the capital, the MSP wrote it “just goes to show what political will can achieve. Remember this Scotland!”

The post has now been removed, with Thomson apologising for the comment.

She tweeted later on Monday night: “I noted and then tweeted something earlier that was insensitive regarding Ukraine. Like everyone, my first thoughts are sympathy for the people there. Apologies if I offended anyone.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky penned an emergency application to the EU as Russia steps up its attacks on Ukrainian cities.

Kharkiv has been rocked by missiles attacks on the city centre, with dozens of civilians reportedly killed in a flurry of attacks across the country.

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A 40-mile column of Russian tanks and heavy armour is also reported to be making its way to Kyiv.

On Monday, Zelenskyy requested fast-track approval to the EU. Ukraine’s legislature posted an image of the president, clad in military gear, signing the document.

Thomson responded: “Delighted for Ukraine. It’s [sic] just goes to show what political will can achieve. Remember this Scotland!”

Her initial response to the tweet drew criticism from opposition politicians.

Kirsteen Sullivan, Labour councillor for West Lothian, replied: "I don’t think the Ukrainian people are ‘delighted’ as they try to survive, hour by hour, not knowing if they will see loved ones again.

"What a crass thing to tweet to try make a cheap political point, there’s no ‘if’ about it."

Tory MSP Stephen Kerr added: “We've got ... Michelle Thomson modelling a breakup of the UK on Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

"This is not normal behaviour for a political party.”