FINANCE Secretary Kate Forbes is set to publish a financial strategy that will herald a “step change” in Scotland’s economic approach.

The National Strategy for Economic Transformation will be unveiled on Tuesday, after months of deliberations with business, academics and trade unions, among others.

One of the key announcements is expected to be an investor panel, led by the First Minister.

The Scottish Government also said ahead of its publication that the report would include a detailed economic analysis and a plan for delivering the decade-long strategy.

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Speaking ahead of the publication of the plan, Forbes said: “The National Strategy for Economic Transformation offers renewed clarity of our vision for Scotland, with a ruthless focus on delivery. We’ve consulted with business, academia, trade unions and more to develop this strategy and it will be a collective national endeavour over the next decade to shift the dial on our economy into becoming fairer, wealthier, and greener.”

She added: “This strategy marks a step change in how we approach the economy and it will help us to deliver the best economic performance possible for Scotland within the current constitutional constraints.

“We want Scotland to be a more resilient and more entrepreneurial economy, in which everybody can share in our success.

“As we look beyond the pandemic we must be ready to seize the economic opportunities that come with achieving net zero and becoming a fairer country.”