PRITI Patel has refused to waive visa requirements for people fleeing Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

She claimed that Russian troops are “infiltrating” Ukrainian populations and forces, suggesting that waiving a visa could allow those troops to enter the UK.

“Extremist groups and organisations could threaten the region but also our domestic homeland,” she said. “We know all too well what Putin’s Russia is willing to do, even on our soil.”

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However, Patel said that immediate family members of people settled in the UK could be brought over.

She claimed that this extension of the Home Office's visa policy would mean an additional 100,000 Ukrainians will be able to come to the UK with access to work and public services.

The Home Secretary further urged MPs not to conduct any casework for individuals hoping to enter the UK, saying they should all be passed on to the UK Visas and Immigration team.

Priti Patel refuses to waive UK visas for Ukraine, citing fears of Russian 'infiltration'

Labour's shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper (above) said Patel's announcement was "extremely unclear" what the details of the UK's plans were or who they applied to.

She went on: "Why is there so much confusion about this?

"The Russian invasion began five days ago, other countries responded with clear sanctuary arrangements immediately.

"Troops have been gathering since mid-January and British intelligence has been warning of invasion for weeks.

"We've had a weekend of complete confusion, we still don't know what the arrangements are. Why is nothing worked out already, and how on earth is the Home Secretary so poorly prepared?"

Patel's refusal to waive visa requirements comes after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (below) said it would be “embarrassing” not to.

Priti Patel refuses to waive UK visas for Ukraine, citing fears of Russian 'infiltration'

Sturgeon called on the Prime Minister to step in and allow anyone fleeing the Russian invasion to come to the UK, saying “the paperwork can be sorted out later on”. 

Speaking during a visit to Aberdeen on Monday, the First Minister said: “I think the UK’s current position on refuge for people fleeing from Ukraine is unacceptable and if it doesn’t change and change substantially very soon, it risks – at a time when we should be building maximum unity – being embarrassing for the UK.

“I am calling on the Prime Minister, I am appealing to the Prime Minister to follow the example of Ireland, follow the example of the entire European Union and have a situation, effectively, where anyone from Ukraine who is seeking refuge in the UK is allowed entry to the UK with no visa requirements, and the paperwork can be sorted later on."

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Sturgeon said the UK's current position was "woefully inadequate", adding: “It doesn’t meet the moment. This is a time to step up and do everything we can to support Ukrainians and I hope we will see significant movement from the UK Government over the course of today.”

Meanwhile, the Scottish Government announced it would provide £4 million in humanitarian aid funding along with medical supplies to Ukraine.

Sturgeon announced on Monday that officials were assessing the best route for the funding to quickly reach the country, which has been fighting off a Russian invasion since last week.

The funding will support health, water and sanitation and shelter for those in the country, including people who have been forced to leave their homes.